Dodd-Frank Act Whistleblower Incentives and Protections

Historically, whistleblowers and the government have relied on the False claims Act as a tool to combat fraud against the government. However, there are limitations to this law, including the fact that the False Claims Act only applies to situations in which the federal government has been defrauded. Fraud that is committed against others such

How to Become a Whistleblower

How to Become a Whistleblower

If you have inside information that fraud is occurring at your workplace against the government or securities investors, you might want to learn about the whistleblower process. Many people who decide to come forward are regular workers who are simply doing their jobs. According to the National Business Ethics Survey of 2007, 56% of workers

How Do I File an Unemployment Appeal

How Do I File an Unemployment Appeal?

When you lose your job and file a claim for benefits from your state’s unemployment compensation fund, the unemployment agency will review your claim and discuss it with your former employer. The agency may also interview you in person or over the phone. After the unemployment agency completes the review, it will either grant your