What Are Whistleblower Rewards? How Do They Work?

The government offers monetary incentives to people who expose certain types of illegal activities. These incentives are called whistleblower awards. Under federal law, the government is required to reward people who blow the whistle with a percentage of the money that the government is able to recover because of their whistleblowing. As a reward for

What is Front Pay?

Losing your job can be devastating. While employers may fire employees for nearly any reason and at any time, they are not allowed to terminate workers for a prohibited purpose such as discrimination. If your employer wrongfully fired you, you may have legal rights to recover damages. Among the damages that you might be able

What Is The IRS Whistleblower Program?

The IRS has a tax whistleblower reward program to incentivize reporting of tax fraud and tax evasion. Through the program, whistleblowers may be able to recover rewards of a percentage of the total amount that the IRS recovers as a result of their reports. The attorneys at Swartz Swidler are able to assist whistleblowers who