How To Handle A Hostile Work Environment

Employees should be free to come to work without an overwhelming sense of dread due to situations or workplace politics that are unreasonably cruel. Though nearly everyone has experienced an overly-critical supervisor or dealt with an embarrassing situation at work, that does not mean that there was a violation of the law. What a Hostile

What Is The Difference Between Workplace Bullying And a Hostile Work Environment?

What Is The Difference Between Workplace Bullying And a Hostile Work Environment?

It can be challenging to work with many different personalities in an office setting; however, there are some offices and workplaces that are more toxic than others. You might even deem your workspace as a “hostile work environment.” Before you seek legal action, read the information provided in this article about workplace bullying and hostile

What Rights Do You Have as an Employee

What Rights Do You Have as an Employee?

State and federal laws in the U.S. define the employer-employee relationship and provide employees with certain rights as workers. These include the right to a minimum wage, the right against certain forms of discrimination and harassment, and protection of an employee’s genetic information, among others. When you know your rights, you are in a better

How to Handle a Wrongful Demotion

How to Handle a Wrongful Demotion

Being demoted can be demoralizing. In some cases, a demotion may be illegal. If you believe that you were demoted for an unlawful reason, you need to understand your legal rights. You may have been demoted or passed over for a job at your work more than once. If the reason for your demotion was

What Are The Signs Of Age Discrimination

What Are The Signs Of Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination occurs in the workplace when an employee or potential employee is treated differently due to age, and it adversely impacts their employment or employment opportunities. There may be legal recourse options for those that are facing such discrimination. However, first, it is helpful to know the signs of age discrimination and how to

How Does USERRA Protect Veterans?

Military service brings a sense of honor, integrity and commitment to being an American citizen. Joining the military can be a big sacrifice, leaving family and friends behind. Deployments, for most service members, usually means giving up their civilian job for an extended period of time. Veterans should not have to tolerate employment discrimination when

Can Sexual Harassment be Verbal?

You may be surprised to now that sexual harassment is extremely common in the workplace. The majority of harassment claims that are brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are sex-based. Sexual harassment is most commonly associated with some sort of physical advance that is sexual in nature, but it is important to know