Your Complete Guide to Workplace Harassment Laws in Philadelphia

Workplace harassment is a serious issue that affects millions of workers every year. It can create a hostile, intimidating, or abusive work environment that interferes with your job performance and well-being. Workplace harassment can also violate your civil rights and expose your employer to legal liability. If you are a victim of workplace harassment in

What is the Statute of Limitations for Bringing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations refers to the time period someone has to file a claim from the triggering event that gives rise to that claim. Filing a lawsuit during the statute of limitation time period, which can range anywhere from two to fifteen years depending upon the claim and the applicable law, is a very

What Is The Difference Between Workplace Bullying And a Hostile Work Environment?

What Is The Difference Between Workplace Bullying And a Hostile Work Environment?

It can be challenging to work with many different personalities in an office setting; however, there are some offices and workplaces that are more toxic than others. You might even deem your workspace as a “hostile work environment.” Before you seek legal action, read the information provided in this article about workplace bullying and hostile

How To Deal With A Workplace Bully

Workplace bullying occurs when one person is repeatedly treated in a less favorable manner by others at work. This type of conduct is inappropriate when it happens in the workplace. Workplace bullying includes conduct that is designed to offend, intimidate, degrade, undermine, humiliate, or threaten. Bullying behavior can be psychological or physical and may include

Who Could Be A Target Of Workplace Bullying?

The targets of workplace bullies may share some common traits. These can include such things as their conduct and their appearance. The Workplace Bullying Institue reports that 60.3 million workers in America have been the victims of workplace bullying. Some types of bullying at work may form the basis for a legal claim. The employment