Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: Your Rights and Protections Under the ADA

Workplaces should be environments where individuals are judged based on their skills, qualifications, and contributions rather than factors beyond their control. However, disability discrimination continues to be a challenge for many employees. Understanding your rights and protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is crucial to addressing and preventing such discrimination. If you have

The Impact of Age Discrimination in Employment: Protecting Older Workers’ Rights

The workforce is a mosaic of diverse talents, experiences, and backgrounds, with age being a significant dimension. However, age discrimination remains a persistent challenge, affecting the professional lives of older individuals. Swartz Swidler, LLC recognizes the importance of safeguarding older workers’ rights in the face of age discrimination. There are laws to combat such practices,

Why Choosing The Right Sexual Harassment Lawyer Matters

Sexual harassment is a challenging subject that extends beyond legalities. There is the mental and emotional stress to consider, as well. Coming forward with your struggle is important, and having someone who can support you and your case is essential to ensuring that you get the justice you deserve. This underscores the critical importance of

Breaking the Silence: Taking a Stand Against Workplace Bullying in South Jersey

Workplace bullying and intimidation can derail careers and lead to a toxic environment at work. While this type of conduct can make the working environment unbearable and lead to higher turnover rates and reduced productivity, some employers do nothing to end it. Workplace bullying is not illegal in many cases. However, there are certain situations

Understanding Pregnancy Discrimination: Legal Support in Gloucester County, NJ

Understanding Pregnancy Discrimination: Legal Support in Gloucester County, NJ

Some New Jersey employers discriminate against job applicants and employees based on their pregnancy status. Employers might refuse to hire women who are pregnant or question the hiring of women of childbearing age, deny promotions and training opportunities to women because they might get pregnant in the future, or wrongfully terminate women based on pregnancy

What is a Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower?

While most healthcare employers follow the law, some do not and instead engage in fraudulent campaigns against the state or federal government to wrongfully obtain funds they are not entitled to receive. Employees who come forward to report their employers for engaging in healthcare fraud help to save taxpayer money by assisting with the government’s

The ABCs of Discrimination in the Workplace

Multiple federal and state laws protect workers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all other states against discrimination in the workplace. These laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or applicants based on their membership in protected groups. Despite these laws, some employers engage in illegally discriminatory acts or fail to stop the discrimination that others

Pennsylvania FMLA Medical Leave Violations

Pennsylvania FMLA Medical Leave Violations

When an employee suffers a serious medical condition or faces a close family member’s serious illness or injuries, it can be difficult to navigate work requirements. However, these types of situations should not ruin someone’s career. Congress passed the Family and Medical Leave Act to protect qualifying employees when they go through these types of

Steps of a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Most people are employed at will in New Jersey and almost all other states. At-will employment means that an employer can decide to terminate an employee whenever the employer wants and for nearly any reason. However, employers can’t legally fire employees for unlawful reasons. When an employer’s reason for firing an employee violates a statute,