Is My Employer Required to Provide Health Care?

Many employees in New Jersey and Pennsylvania rely on their employer-provided health insurance to help them to pay for their medical care needs. Since medical care is very expensive in the U.S., employer-provided health insurance is a prized benefit among employees. Many employers offer benefits packages that include health, dental, and vision insurance to attract

Understanding Sexual vs. Non-Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is illegal when it occurs in the workplace. You might be unclear about what constitutes sexual harassment vs. when the harassment is non-sexual in nature. Sexual harassment at work is considered to be a type of unlawful discrimination, and it includes unwelcome sexual comments, behavior, or conduct about gender, sex, or sexual orientation.

Can an Employer Fire You By Phone or Email?

If you are terminated from your job, it can be difficult to deal with and to understand. You might struggle with being fired despite knowing that your job might be in trouble. It can be even more painful if your boss fires you in an impersonal manner such as over the telephone. While it would