Common Discriminatory Practices In The Workplace

Workers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are protected under several federal laws against discrimination based on their protected characteristics. Despite these laws, there are certain discriminatory practices that commonly happen in workplaces. Here is some information from the attorneys at Swartz Swidler about the common types of discriminatory acts that might occur at your workplace.

How to Prove Age Discrimination

If you believe that you have been discriminated against by your employer because of your age, it is important for you to understand what constitutes age discrimination as well as how you can prove that it occurred. The attorneys at Swartz Swidler can review your situation and explain whether it appears that what happened was

What is a non-solicitation clause?

Some employers ask their employees to sign non-solicitation agreements as a part of larger documents or as stand-alone agreements. These agreements are contracts in which employees agree that they won’t solicit their employers’ clients for their own benefit after they leave the companies. They may also include provisions that the workers will not solicit other

How is severance calculated?

Severance packages are becoming increasingly common as more companies choose to downsize or make cuts. Workers who are laid off from their jobs may wonder what they might expect from their severance packages such as how much money they might expect to receive. If you are offered a severance package by your company, the attorneys