How Do I Know When I Need An Employment Lawyer

How Do I Know When I Need An Employment Lawyer?

If you are currently dealing with an employment-related issue, you might benefit from retaining an employment lawyer. An experienced employment law attorney can help you to learn about federal and state laws governing wrongful termination, defamation, wage disputes, discrimination, and other employment issues. The attorneys at Swartz Swidler assist workers who are involved in many

Millennial's Guide To Employee Rights

Millennial’s Guide To Employee Rights

Employment law deals with the employer-employee relationship and all of the obligations and rights within it. It covers all aspects of the employment relationship beginning with recruitment and applications up to and through termination. Many disputes that involve companies relate to employee rights. Employment law includes multiple areas, including the following: Wrongful termination Discrimination Workplace

Is Pregnancy A Disability Under The ADA?

For generations, women have been participating in the workforce. Despite the presence of women in the workplace, laws about how pregnant women should be treated at work continue to evolve. The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided a case that focused on safe working conditions for pregnant women. Following the decision, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission