What Are The Child Labor Laws?

In New Jersey, child labor laws restrict the ability of children to work. These laws state how old children must be before they can work. They also define when minors are able to work and the types of jobs that they can do. Child labor laws are designed to protect children from work that might

Who Is Entitled To Receive Overtime Pay?

Most employers in New Jersey are required to pay overtime under both state and federal laws. Overtime hours are paid one-and-one-half times the normal hourly wage of an employee. There are a number of exceptions to the overtime laws. Some employees are not eligible for overtime and are called exempt employees while those who are

What is a non-solicitation clause?

Some employers ask their employees to sign non-solicitation agreements as a part of larger documents or as stand-alone agreements. These agreements are contracts in which employees agree that they won’t solicit their employers’ clients for their own benefit after they leave the companies. They may also include provisions that the workers will not solicit other

What Are The Different Types of Employment Contracts

Some workers have employment contracts with their employers, which are agreements about the terms of their employment. An employment contract can be anything from a simple oral agreement to a long written contract. Employment contracts may be implied, oral or written. The attorneys at Swartz Swidler assist people with understanding their contracts and enforcing their