Standing Up Against Bullying in the Office: Your Rights in Haddon Township, NJ

Standing Up Against Bullying in the Office: Your Rights in Haddon Township, NJ

Being bullied at your job in Haddon Township, New Jersey can be understandably demoralizing. If you are the victim of workplace bullying, you might wonder whether there are available legal remedies to pursue. Unfortunately, bullying in the workplace is not always illegal unless it involves harassment or discrimination based on protected characteristics. There are some

Fighting Back Against Race Discrimination: Legal Remedies in Voorhees, NJ

Fighting Back Against Race Discrimination: Legal Remedies in Voorhees, NJ

Racial discrimination is a persistent problem in companies across New Jersey despite federal and state anti-discrimination laws. No one should ever face discrimination based on their race or skin color, and, unfortunately, some employers continue to engage in this illegal conduct or allow it to flourish within their workplaces. Under both the New Jersey Law

Addressing Sexual Harassment: Empowering Employees in Haddonfield, NJ

Workplace sexual harassment is an insidious issue within companies across New Jersey and persists despite federal and state laws that make it illegal. Sexual harassment can take several forms in the workplace and can sometimes be subtle and difficult for victims to identify. Even when workers recognize what’s happening, some hesitate to confront the issue

What is a Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower?

While most healthcare employers follow the law, some do not and instead engage in fraudulent campaigns against the state or federal government to wrongfully obtain funds they are not entitled to receive. Employees who come forward to report their employers for engaging in healthcare fraud help to save taxpayer money by assisting with the government’s

The ABCs of Discrimination in the Workplace

Multiple federal and state laws protect workers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all other states against discrimination in the workplace. These laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or applicants based on their membership in protected groups. Despite these laws, some employers engage in illegally discriminatory acts or fail to stop the discrimination that others

Can My Job Fire Me if I Go to Rehab?

Realizing that you need to go to inpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitation is a major step on your road to recovery. However, the decision to go to rehab can be difficult when you are worried about your job and whether your decision could result in being fired. Thankfully, you might be protected under two federal

Law Firm Wins Ruling for Service Technicians on Wages for Commute Time

Swartz Swidler, a renowned New Jersey employment plaintiff law firm, recently secured a groundbreaking ruling on behalf of Service Technicians in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey. The court ruled that time spent driving from technicians’ homes to their first assignment, and from their last assignment to their homes, may be compensable under the

What You Need to Know About Non-Compete Agreements in New Jersey

Non-compete agreements have proliferated among employers, and an increasing number of employees working in New Jersey are covered by them. These types of employment agreements are typically signed during the onboarding process and purport to restrict employees from engaging in competition against the employer after they leave. However, non-compete agreements are not always enforceable. Here’s