Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Wrongful Termination Attorneys

If you been terminated from your job, it may have been a wrongful discharge if you were fired by your employer for an unlawful reason. A claim for wrongful termination may be based on any of several theories, including protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act, breach of an employment contract or protection under one of the many state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on your membership in a protected class or your protected characteristic. If you believe that your termination was wrongful, the attorneys at Swartz Swidler, LLC can meet with you and advise you about the merits of your case and how you might best proceed so that you can obtain relief.

At Swartz Swidler, LLC, our attorneys have secured substantial settlements and verdicts in numerous cases for our clients. We are dedicated to fighting for you and your employee rights in order to help you receive fair treatment and compensation.

At-will employees

Most employees are at-will employees, which means that no formal employment contract exists with their between the workers and their employers. At-will employees can have their employment terminated at any time. In other cases, some employment contracts will contain clauses stating that the employee can be terminated at any time and for any reason. At-will employees still have some rights in wrongful termination cases if they are fired for reasons that violate the law or public policy.

Whistleblower Act

Whistleblowing is prohibited under both federal and state laws. Whistleblowers are employees who give information about illegal actions committed by their employers to the government. Examples could include such things as reporting Medicare fraud, committing safety violations, wasting funds or mismanagement. If you have been fired as a result of your actions as a whistleblower, you may have grounds for a claim of wrongful termination and retaliation.

Constructive wrongful termination

Another type of wrongful termination is constructive. This happens when an employer forces employees to quit by making the work conditions unbearable. Under federal law, if a job has conditions that are so bad that reasonable people could not be expected to continue working in such an environment, employees may resign and then seek recovery of damages for the wages that they lost.

Under the law, you cannot just quit and then file a lawsuit against your employer. You must first use all of the available avenues in your workplace to attempt to resolve the issues before quitting. If you fail to make efforts to resolve your issue first, you may lose your ability to file a claim and collect compensation.

Other types of wrongful termination

Under a variety of federal and state laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there are a number of prohibited reasons for firing based on illegal discrimination. Examples include the following:

Getting legal help

In today’s world, it can be highly stressful to lose your job, especially when your termination was wrongful. If you believe that your former employer fired you without cause because of one of the listed reasons, or if you believe that you were fired as a form of retaliation, contact the dedicated and experienced employment attorneys at Swartz Swidler, LLC today. We have offices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Call us to schedule your confidential and free consultation today at (856) 685-7420.