New Jersey Employment Discrimination Attorneys

New Jersey Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Employment-based discrimination against people in certain protected classes is a very real and pervasive social ill. Because of its prevalence, several federal and state laws specifically prohibit illegal discrimination by employers against members or perceived members of one of the protected classes. At Swartz Swidler, our discrimination lawyers use their knowledge of employment discrimination law to help our clients recover damages from the employers who have wronged them.

What is employment discrimination?

Employment discrimination law protects certain workers who are members of protected classes against discrimination based on their statuses. Employment-based discrimination includes any job-related adverse action against a worker for his or her membership in a protected class, his or her association with members of a protected class or his or her perceived membership in a protected class. This includes discrimination in hiring, recruiting, interviewing, layoffs, terminating, job assignments, raises, testing, promotions, training opportunities and salaries.

Types of employment-based discrimination

Several federal and state laws expressly prohibit discrimination based on the following statuses:

The applicasble federal laws include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Equal Pay Act amendment of the Fair Labor Standards Act and multiple state laws. The Employment Non-discrimination Act is a piece of federal legislation that has been proposed numerous times in Congress. It would specifically prohibit discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. While the Employment Non-discrimination Act has yet to pass, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has interpreted the prohibition against gender discrimination as including discrimination against people based on their sexual orientations.

How an employment discrimination attorney can help you

If you have been the victim of unlawful employment discrimination based on your membership or perceived membership in one of the protected classes, an anti-discrimination attorney at Swartz Swidler may be able to help you with filing your complaint and any subsequent lawsuit. He or she may help you to gather the evidence that you will need to support your claim. He or she may then help you to meet your deadline for filing your complaint or lawsuit. Attorneys work to help their clients with recovering damages to compensate them for the wrongful actions of their employers. They may also recover attorney fees and punitive damages for their clients.

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