NJ Unemployment Eligibility

NJ Unemployment Eligibility

If you are a New Jersey worker who has lost your job because of no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation. In order to be eligible, the state’s Department of Labor requires you to meet certain eligibility guidelines. The employment law attorneys at Swartz Swidler may help you with the process of applying for and receiving benefits.

Who is eligible for unemployment in NJ

Workers must not have been fired for gross misconduct in order to be eligible for unemployment in New Jersey. You will also not be eligible if you voluntarily quit unless you had a good reason for doing so. Workers must also have past earnings that meet the minimum qualifications, and they must be available and willing to work. New Jersey looks at the earliest four quarters in the past five in order to determine whether or not the workers earned enough to qualify. People must have earned at least $165 per week and have worked at least 20 hours each week during the base period in order to qualify.

NJ unemployment benefits eligibility

The reason that you lost your job is also important in determining your NJ unemployment eligibility. If you lost your job in a layoff, you will likely be approved. Being fired will not necessarily prevent you from being eligible for unemployment, but it depends on why you were fired. If you were fired for simple misconduct, which involves simply going against your employer’s rules, you will not be able to receive benefits for seven weeks. If you were fired for severe or gross misconduct, you will not be able to receive unemployment until you find a new job and have met the minimum earnings requirements.

If you quit your job for a good reason, you may be able to recover benefits. This may include quitting because of sexual harassment that created a hostile work environment. If you were forced to quit because you have a military spouse who was relocated, you may also qualify. People who quit their jobs because of domestic violence may also be approved.

If you are approved for unemployment benefits in New Jersey, the amount you will receive will be 60 percent of the base rate up to $636 per week. Your maximum benefits amount will be calculated by multiplying the weekly amount by the number of weeks that you worked in the base period. For help with your unemployment benefits claim, contact the attorneys at Swartz Swidler.