How are Medicare whistleblower rewards paid?

When Medicare fraud happens, some people want to know about becoming whistleblowers. People who report Medicare fraud may be eligible for compensation for the help that they provide to the government. The legal team at Swartz Swidler assists whistleblowers with reporting fraud.

Why should people become whistleblowers for Medicare fraud?

Medicare fraud causes society billions of dollars in losses each year. It hurts healthcare and the economy at large. If you know that your employer is committing Medicare fraud, you should report it. When you do, you can also potentially receive a whistleblower reward. You are entitled to a whistleblower award if you follow the proper reporting steps. If the fraud is significant, the government is willing to compensate you for helping to uncover it. It is impossible for the government to uncover every instance of Medicare fraud, and whistleblowers help the government to recover billions that might otherwise not have been discovered. By retaining a lawyer, you may help to make the Department of Justice lawyer take your case more seriously. The DOJ is required by law to investigate the cases of people who seek rewards and hire lawyers.

How are Medicare whistleblower rewards paid?

In order to receive a whistleblower reward, you must hire a lawyer who can file a False Claims Act complaint, which contains detailed allegations of the fraud. If you are the first person who has properly filed a complaint of Medicare fraud and have sought the reward, you may receive between 15 and 30 percent of the total amount that the government ultimately recovers based on your report.

What steps to take

In order to receive a whistleblower award for reporting Medicare fraud, you must take the following four steps:

  • Retain a lawyer to file an FCA lawsuit against the medical practice that has committed the fraud
  • Your lawyer must be the first to file the whistleblower application for the fraud that you are reporting
  • The fraud must not have already been reported by the media or in other public forums unless you are the original source of the published information
  • The fraud allegations must be resolved by the defendant’s payment of money to settle the case

Most whistleblower attorneys, including Swartz Swidler, accept Medicare whistleblower cases on a contingency basis. This means that you will not be charged attorney’s fees until and unless we are able to collect the reward for you. In order to obtain a substantial reward, it is important for you to be able to prove Medicare fraud that is widespread. Because of this, many firms have a threshold in place to make certain that the risks of the litigation do not outweigh the potential rewards. To learn more about your potential right to a whistleblower award, contact Swartz Swidler today.