National Metering Services FLSA Collective and Class Action Lawsuit

Wellington Hall v. National Metering Services, Inc., et al.
United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
Docket No.: 20-1921


Counsel: Justin Swidler, Matthew Miller

On February 21, 2020, a National Metering Services Meter Technician filed a federal lawsuit in the United States Courthouse for the District of New Jersey, asserting that National Metering Services failed to pay him and other Meter Technicians proper overtime wages as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New Jersey law. The Named Plaintiff, Wellington hall, asserts that National Metering Services failed to pay him and other employees overtime wages by 1) paying overtime of 1.5 times only the hourly wage instead of including the bonuses earned for each water meter replacement in the calculation of overtime wages, 2) failing to pay for time spent preparing for assignments prior to scheduled start times, and 3) failing to reimburse costs incurred while using personal vehicles to travel to assignments.

If you have worked for National Metering Services as a Technician at any time during the last three years in any state, you can join the lawsuit by filing a Consent form below.