Joseph Hartman, et al. v. Lincare, Inc., et al.


United States District Court for the District of New Jersey;

Docket No: 14-3171

Counsel: Justin Swidler, Joshua Boyette, Matthew Miller

On May 16, 2014, two service representatives/drivers of Lincare filed a federal lawsuit in the United States Courthouse for the District of New Jersey, asserting that Lincare failed to pay them and thousands of other service representatives/drivers overtime wages as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Additionally, the two Plaintiffs, who were employed by Lincare in New Jersey, have also asserted that Lincare’s pay policies are in violation of the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law. The two Plaintiffs assert that Lincare failed to pay them and other service representatives for time spent working while on-call including time spent travelling to customers and time spent on the telephone speaking with customers. The Plaintiffs also assert that Lincare unlawfully deducted 30 minutes of paid time from each shift they worked for meal breaks which they were not able to take.

This case has resolved.