Kearny Bank FLSA Class Action Lawsuit

Courtney Hawkins v. Kearny Bank
United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
Docket No.:2:19-cv-08712-JLL-JAD

Counsel: Justin Swidler, Matthew Miller

On June 7, 2019, a former Kearny Bank Teller filed a federal lawsuit in the United States Courthouse for the District of New Jersey, asserting that Kearny Bank failed to pay her and hundreds of other Kearny Bank tellers wages as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Named Plaintiff asserts that Kearny Bank failed to pay her and other employees wages for performing security procedures prior to opening the bank branch each day.

If you have worked for Kearny Bank as a Teller or in another hourly position and performed opening security procedures during the last three years, you may be eligible to join the FLSA lawsuit. Please call one of our employment attorneys today for more information.

The Court has not yet made any determinations regarding the merits of the case or whether the case will be certified as a collective action. However, the statute of limitations (i.e. the amount of time that may pass prior to you being unable to sue Kearny Bank because too much time has passed) will continue to run until you file a Consent Form with the Court. Hence if you have worked for Kearny Bank in the last three years and wish to protect your rights pending the Court’s decision on certification, you can sign the Consent Form below, and the Form will be filed with the Court.

Swartz Swidler, LLC has taken this case on a contingency fee. They may be entitled to receive attorneys’ fees and costs from Kearny Bank should there be a recovery or judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs. If there is a recovery, Swartz Swidler, LLC will receive a part of any settlement obtained or money judgment entered in favor of all members of the class or their fees will be paid separately by Kearny Bank. If there is no recovery or judgment in Plaintiffs’ favor, Swartz Swidler, LLC will not seek any attorney’s fees or costs from any of the Plaintiffs.