Fed Ex May Owe You Wages for Time Spent in Pre-Shift and Post-Shift Security Lines

Going through a security line before you clock in or after you clock out is for Fed Ex’s benefit, not yours.  If you aren’t paid for the time you spend in these lines, Fed Ex may be violating the law.  Call us today to determine your rights.

Throughout the country, companies including FedEx require warehouse workers to clock out and then undergo security screenings to reduce shrink and yet pay them no wages for doing so. Failing to pay employees wages for time spent in security lines may be in violation of state wage and hour laws.

Our firm is committed to stopping wage theft. Currently, our firm is litigating class actions for failing to pay for time spent in security lines against Amazon and FedEx. If you worked in Arizona or Nevada and went through security screenings without being paid at Fed Ex or at any other company, you may be owed wages. Call us today or complete the form below and we will reach out to you promptly to provide you a free and confidential consultation.

If you decide during the consultation you would like to move forward, there are no upfront costs or fees.  Our firm accepts these types of cases on a fully contingent basis and only will seek to recover fees and costs out a recovery.  If there is no recovery or judgment in your favor, Swartz Swidler, LLC will not seek any fee or cost from you.

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