Sandy Babcock v. Butler County

United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Docket No. 12-951

Counsel: Justin Swidler

On February 23, 2012, Sandy Babcock, on behalf of herself and all those similarly situated, filed a federal overtime lawsuit against Butler County. In the Complaint, Babcock alleges that Butler County failed to pay its correction officers for all overtime worked by virtue of its policy of designating 15 minutes of an hour-long “meal period” as non-compensable. Babcock asserts that such time consitutes work time because the significant restrictions on her and other officers during the meal period prohibit them from using the time for their own benefit.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, approximately 80 correction officers have joined the lawsuit.

If you have worked as a corrections officer for Butler County and believe you may have a claim against the County for unpaid overtime, please call one of our employment attorneys today.