What Are the Signs of Workplace Bullying?

Most people picture children when they hear about bullying. However, bullying in the workplace is a very common problem. According to Forbes, a 2019 Monster survey found that 94% of employees who were surveyed reported they had experienced bullying at work. Of the respondents, 51.1% reported they had been bullied by supervisors or managers. While

Promotion Discrimination in the Workplace

Promotion discrimination is illegal when someone is passed over for a promotion based on an unlawful discriminatory reason. If you have been the victim of illegal promotion discrimination, you may be entitled to recover damages by filing a discrimination charge. The attorneys at Swartz Swidler can review what happened and help you to understand the

PPE FAQs: What Are Your Rights in the Workplace?

Working during the coronavirus pandemic can be scary. Many people have questions about their rights in the workplace, including whether they can wear PPE, remain home when they feel unsafe, and whether their employers can ask about their medical conditions or take their temperatures. Guidance has been issued by several federal agencies about the rights

Can I Get Unemployment If I Am an Independent Contractor?

Can I Get Unemployment If I Am an Independent Contractor?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of workers have been laid off from their jobs. Many people who have lost work during the pandemic are independent contractors. While unemployment benefits are generally only available to employees, there are two possible ways you might qualify for unemployment benefits as an independent contractor. One way you might qualify

What Is an Hourly Employee?

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, most employees are paid on either an hourly or salary basis. Employees are generally classified based on the way that they are paid and the types of work that they perform. Understanding the difference between an hourly and salaried worker is important. Both types of payment systems have drawbacks and