Pennsylvania Wage and Hour Laws

Pennsylvania State Labor Laws

Wage and hour laws protect workers in Pennsylvania by establishing basic standards for pay, the time worked and other related issues. When workers’ rights are violated, the labor law attorneys in Pennsylvania may help them to recover the money that they are owed. Here are the PA employee rights that workers have under the employment law in PA.

Minimum wage in Pennsylvania

Workers in Pennsylvania must be paid a minimum of $7.25 per hour.

Minimum wage for tipped workers

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act lets employers with tipped employees to pay a lower minimum wage if their tips make up the difference to reach $7.25 per hour for all hours worked. If the tips do not make up the difference, the employers must pay what is necessary to make sure that the employees are paid at least the minimum wage. Tipped employees in Pennsylvania may be paid $2.83 per hour plus their tips.

Overtime rules

Eligible Pennsylvanians who work more than 40 hours during any week must be paid one and one-half times their normal hourly rates for each hour worked above 40 hours.

Lunch and rest breaks

Employers in Pennsylvania must give their employees meal breaks lasting 30 minutes after they have worked for five hours.

What are wage and hour laws?

Wage and hour laws establish minimum standards for the time that you work and the pay that you receive. These laws cover such things as the minimum wage, overtime, tips, breaks, what counts as work, when you are paid, the things that you must be paid for and others.

Where wage and hour laws originate

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law that governs wages and hours, and states and municipalities may also have their own laws. If more than one law applies to an employer, the employer must adhere to the law that offers the greatest benefits to the workers. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor enforces the state’s wage and hour laws.

Contact an experienced employment law attorney

If your employer has violated the wage and hour laws in Pennsylvania, you may be able to recover the money that you are owed with the help of an experienced employment law attorney. To learn more about your recovery rights, contact the experienced team at Swartz Swidler today.